who we are

Jeffrey Gale (Director)
Dip, Arch, Grad. P.C. Assoc. (UK) M.T.C.P.A.

jeffreygale01Jeffrey, our Designer, trained originally in architecture and did a thesis design for re-housing community with 2 and 3 storey homes in clusters around productive gardens with orchard trees, free from vehicles, with carparks kept to outer edges of development; a primary school, shops and pub were included in the green environment.

Jeffrey has a holistic, Permacultural approach to all our eco-architecture and gardens Projects. He is the founder of the World Peace Gardens Network (worldpeacegardensnet.org); Speaker and Organiser of the Wessex Research Group, Totnes; active member of Totnes Transition Town Organisation; Member of the Town & Country Planning Association, Designer-Member of Permaculture Association (Britain).

sophiechristopher01Sophie Christopher-Bowes (Director)

Sophie is a sustainable planner and Permaculture designer at EAPP. She is passionate about creating places that are liveable, healthy for all including the environment and people. She gained practicable experience as a councillor in Worcestershire and currently works as a Ecological Planning Consultant and Permaculture Designer, including the integrated holistic planning, and the social and economical advantage of vastly reduced overheads costs in buildings.

Sophie’s motivation is to bring Sustainable Ecological Planning into main stream planning system and to continue working on designs and plan communities that are vibrant, healthy and safe, and which respect the local and the global environment and where individuals and nature interact with each other, just like nature.  She aims to work with communities, public bodies, private companies and other Social Enterprise Companies,Voluntary Sector organisations to deliver projects and programmes that bring abut concurrent social economics and environmental benefits.

Sophie is an activist and Campaigner for Decent Homes for All, living within our limits, she passionately believes that we should not harm or be cruel to animals, and is a vegan and has been for over 20 years and counting. Working with people to reduce meat consumption with will benefit people and the planet and a effective way to combat global warming.

A Hatha yoga teacher which incorporate kundalini Yoga, practising for over 20 years and teaching for 10 years.

A qualified Carpenter and Joiner, in the 1980’s, teaching women “how to self help” courses in and around London, Cotswold’s and Oxford.

A fully qualified Feng Shui Practitioner, Sophie is conscious of the positioning of buildings interrelationship to each other, negative and positive energies from buildings. The movement and flow of energy in rooms, buildings surrounding for good health and well being.
Currently working on projects that address permacultural planning and design of ecologically- and sociologically-sustaining housing, as well as eco-building and organic gardening.

Sophie used to sit on the Planning Policy Council TCPA. A core member of Abingdon Carbon Cutters, an active member of the LCCN. An active member of the soil Association, and business member of Biodynamic Association. Management Committee of the Permaculture Association (UK) Britain, and a Trustee of Lansbury House Trust Fund (which promotes research into the peaceful resolution of conflict). She has recently completed University of Oxford’s Department of Continuing Education, Hilary Term Course ,Town and Country Planning UK.


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