Our highly qualified and very experienced team of associates offers an integrated range of services in project design and planning.

An eco-sustainable remit leads us to strive to build permaculturally-designed environments into our projects, and we study the environmental context carefully before designing for micro-climate, cosmic or natural energy flows, geology, topography and hydrology.

EAPlogo2010Members of our team are very aware of the effect any project in architecture or permculture can have on local people or users, whether aesthetic, socially desirable, energetically advantageous. We feel passionate about improving quality of life for all beings and biosphere.

All our designs have a natural sustainability approach: – examples comprising these are solar-gain, P.V, and solar water arrays, high insulation, on site small scale bio gas plants for electric power and compost, wind, micro hydro, natural energies,flow by natural geometry and feng shui.

All kinds of architectural designs, gardens and landscapes urban design with strong socis-environmental ethical remit consultancy studies and surveys to achieve healthy, healing and emotionally relaxing interiors or gardens.

our core services

  • Architectural and Environmental Design
  • Permaculture Services
  • Planning Services
  • Business Counselling
  • Holistic Interior Consultancy
  • Healthy Home Care
  • Thermal Imaging Survey
  • Website Design for projects

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