core principles

Core Values

Permaculture is a broad-based, holistic approach that has many applications to all aspects of life. At the heart of permaculture design and practice are ‘core values’ which remain constant – these are essentially land-care and people- / animal-care.

These values are summarised as:

  • Earth Care recognising that the Earth is the source of all life and is possibly itself a living entity and that we recognise and respect the Earth as our home, and we are part of the Earth, not apart from it.
  • People Care supporting and helping each other to change to ways of living that are not harming ourselves or the planet, thereby creating healthy, sustainable societies.
  • Fair Share (placing limits on consumption) ensuring that the Earth’s limited resources are utilised in ways that are equitable and wise.

Permaculture encourages us to be resourceful and self-reliant; it is not a dogma nor a religion, but an ecological design system which helps us to find solutions to the many problems facing us both locally and globally.


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