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Eco-Architecture & Permacultural Planning CiC was formed in May 2009. We provide a broad range of disciplinary practices through out the UK and on a International level.

We offer a full range of sustainable design and project management services from concept through to completion.

Eco- Architecture & Permacultural Planning CiC  combines strengths of Partnerships with leading Companies  highly regarded.  We are committed to natural materials and design working with strawbale, cob, rammed earth and clay materials and well as wood, stone and other natural materials.

We work with low embodied energy materials which are non-toxic and either recycled or derived from sustainable  sources. The low impact building has a reduced environmental impact during it’s construction phrase, but offers  increased levels of energy efficiency throughout it’s life time.

Eco- Architecture & Permacultural Planning CiC ensures that each architectural design and planning has the own its own environmental integrity, working with the national characteristics of each location and environment so adapting each design accordingly.

Eco- Architecture & Permacultural Planning CiC works to identify both the positive and negative emotional states which we all meet in the course of our lives, to work towards suitable services remedies best suited.

At the fore front of our services is natural health and well being is at the heart of each of our design.  We are passionate about sharing our knowledge.

Natural build deals with architecture, psychology, natural medicine, our natural building service aims to create healthy living and working environment by preventative methods.

According to the World Health Organisation health is a condition of complete physical, psychological and social well being.  At EAPP our practice considers all buildings as living organism with all walls that surround use as a external skin this is our third skin.

Building and walls breath, evaporate, absorb, are protecting, insulating and regulating with constant exchange between inside and outside.

We only use natural materials in our buildings with no artificial or  synthesis products.

We use organic materials where we can which contains higher levels of natural antioxidants which helps to defend cells from the free radical damage caused by stressful pollutants in the environment and also the sun.


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