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Realising your Creative Wisdom

Painting intuitively with watercolour is a fantastic and relaxing way to realise your deeper creativity and wisdom. The tutor, Jeffrey Gale, an internationally-exhibited artist, has been teaching Intuitive Painting for many years from the youngest to the oldest. One can release ones inhibitions about Art: small children can do it and so can you.

Walking in Nature for inspiration and wisdom will be part of this weekend (or 2-day for locals) Course. According to demand, this Course can also be taken as a series of around 9; this way, one can get much more satisfaction, whilst developing a large amount of creative skill.

Good, large, watercolour brushes can be initially lent, and suitable watercolour paper can be purchased by the sheet. Small tubes of quality watercolour paint may also be purchased. Course fees are reasonable and hopefully subsidised for the unemployed or student.

Self-Build Eco-Homes Cyclic Energy & Waste Systems Course

Organised & run by our EAPP Building Team to be 8 weekends or the length of the project

Includes: Building back knowledge:

  •  transfer the know how to people in skill sharing,
  •  local training,
  • natural and locally sourced materials,
  • strawbale and cob, rammed earth, living roofs
  • eco systems, challenges of building yourself,
  • offering solutions and celebrating achievements.
  • Turning waste into a resource,
  • practical hands on building courses

Price: £350 this does not include food, which is bring and share (voluntary places are available)

Education For Sustainable Living

A holistic Course aiming to cover all aspects of living sustainably in both rural & urban areas.  It will equip people of all ages with the basic guidelines for creating a life style to positively support the planet’s ecological stability, rather than helping to destroy it.

We hope that this 2-week course will attract school & university tutors as well as community leaders, planner, housekeepers, councillors, students, in effect a broad section of society. Once people have this basic grounding they can go on to try more specialised experiential courses, according to their special interests.

Greenwoods Building & Furniture Craft Course

A series of one-day courses, using our own woodworking workshop, will cover both design and construction of timber-framed buildings and simple furniture.

These sessions, tutored by skilled craftsmen of our Team, will also be offered to disabled people wishing to expand their skills and job opportunities; subsidised fees will be available to them and to unemployed people or students.

This projected course will probably consist of 4 weekends spread over two months. The tutors are 3 members of our Craftsmen Building Team. The main tutor has lengthy experience in training disabled children and adults.

Starting Your Own Business in Rural / urban Area Sustainably

With the raise of more and more social enterprises and community partnership forming locally, this course will be taught by our social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are passionate about  business but especially sustainable business.This course includes:

Healthcare & living from local produce sustainably

This course includes:


 How to Start and Run a Self build Housing Co-op

  • How to create Registered Housing Co Op Legal Structures & Constitution writing. Typical model rules.
  • Getting people together to make &sustain an H.C.
  • Grants available for getting your Co-operative legally registered. Advice services
  • Planning Permission: What is now possible & what is not likely to get Planning Approval now. Permitted Development. Eco Architects favour self-Build!(v)Brief outlines of Eco-Building methods using local materials. Constructional materials & methods best suited to Semi-Skilled Self-build. on site energy &Waste systems
  • How to get your start up finance? Ideally private or your own members investment. Self-build using locally available materials means low construction costs.


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