about EAPP

“My home is a focus of earth & cosmic energies,
a shrine to all life of which I’m only a part.”

Urbanised societies world-wide are rearing children who have too little contact with the inherent beauties of Nature, the essential food of the human soul. Thus deprived, they reach for drugs, drinks and consumerism as poor substitutes. We aim to design garden-centred environments for food, beauty and soul satisfaction as contexts for our eco-architecture.

We specialise in the design of ecologically-sustaining architecture and planning. In other words, the holistic design of buildings and their surroundings spaces or gardens that maintain the balance in terms of food, energies, materials and humans needs: aesthetic, physical, social, spiritual and emotional.

With an increasing concern at how human beings are destroying the planet, we see an eco-lifestyle as a means of healing the Earth. We shall investigate, establish, teach and offer examples of ways of living co-operatively, harmoniously, sustainably and self sufficiently with each other and the environment for the benefit of the local and wider ecological communities.

Surely the best personal therapy involves building communities of mutual sharing and co-operation in work, activities, knowledge and skills? Thus we can begin to shed our fearful self-protective consumerism and competition instead becoming vanguards of life within greater society where deeper human spiritual need and values are fulfilled.

Our passion is to create places where people are happy, productive, and sustainable. Our social enterprise company was formed after much discussion and deliberation, but in the following year the company became a social enterprise company. The Company has started from small humble beginnings, and we have used resources (or lack of )with creative thinking and solutions but also working with students and universities to work on projects and each other to grow into a much more productive business model.

As you’ll see elsewhere on our website, we provide a very diverse and open-minded range of services. We are friendly and flexible, and welcome enquiries about projects of all sizes and all budgets.


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