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Permacultural Design Course (PDC)

This consists of 10 days of tuition & practice spread over 5 months, being one full weekend per month. Students who attend all sessions & complete a final design exercise will receive a certificate enabling you to continue to do several live projects approval by the Monitoring officer of the Permacultural Association (Britain) in order to receive the Diploma qualification.

Developing a understanding of permaculture ethics, principles,  and design processes and implementation techniques. Completion of the Full Permaculture Design course provides recognition as a Permaculture Design graduate, and enables you to go on to study for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.

The course comes in a variety of formats and are offered as:
  • two week residential courses
  • a series of weekends
  • or a combination of the above

Included in the course fee is membership of the Permaculture Association,  and this enables students to receive a year of after course support.

A course completion certificate is issued to course graduates by the teacher on behalf on the Association at the end of the course (for courses run in Britain)

  • The course is also known as the ’72 hour design course’
  •  duration is two weeks (or six weekends.)

On the theory side we  will look at  permaculture philosophy and its principles of design and ethics of permaculture, forest gardens, green economics, bioregionalism, transport and energy efficiency, zone and sector analysis, water, LETS, edge effects and much more.  The practicals side will organic growing, forest gardening, tress and practical woodland management. An Introduction to sustainable building. Rainwater harvesting, introduction to renewable energy, creating a more sustainable lifestyle, which is non-land based design, urban permaculture

  • practical  examples of solutions to apparently insoluble problems
  • developing stronger communities
  • developing new communities on sustainable principles
  • dealing with interpersonal conflict in constructive ways
  • tackling problems together and in groups
  • Developing lateral thinking

Costs £600     concession available £495  (limited to 3 spaces)



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