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TEECom (Totnes Eco-Education Community)

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This is our very own autonomous self build eco-community co-op. Our aim include building detached eco-homes to our own designs to suit our individual needs and dreams. We plan to run self build construction hand on sessions during this program and permacultural designs courses later.

We are a small group of people, mostly local to totes, involved in Permacultural Planning and Design of ecologically  and sociological  sustaining housing, as well as eco building and organic gardening. Our aims are to share our collective skills with others in very practical learning-by-doing sessions and workshops.

To achieve this, we have registered a Mutuals Cooperative with the FSA, in order to enable our self build community to purchase a suitable land site in Totnes district, and to build individual eco-homes.

We are currently negotiating purchase of about 2 acre of green land on the edge of Dartington village near Totnes, sufficient to build 4 to 5 houses only, with enough for orchards and produce beds towards self -reliance.

The houses will also be designed to maximise energy saving and production – solar gain and PV arrays, lined straw bale timber frame construction, timber floors, conservatories, wood burning rauburn type cooking ranges, rainwater roof collection. All our organic kitchen and garden and toilet wastes will be processes in our own specially designed insulated from methane gas turbine, as well as good organic compost.

As an educational, as well as low-cost housing project sited next to existing housing in Dartington, it should qualify  for Exceptionality Planning Permission. See website for further details.

Internships and Volunteering with EAPP

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Eco-Architecture and Permacultural Planning is currently seeking dynamic interns and volunteers to join our dedicated team of permaculturalist, designers, sustainable planners, conservationists, journalists , self builders and others.

You may be suitable for volunteering or developing a personalised internship for Eco-Architecture and Permacultural Planning CIC if you want to:

  • improve your writing and reporting skills and develop valuable skills,
    use your photography and/ or video skills to develop materials so you are more marketable
  • put your writing, editing, blogging and research talent to good use for an environmental cause
  • gain valuable experience in a Social Enterprise Organisation
  • become experience in development, planning, sustainable lifestyles
  • put your digital media and social skills to work
  • research other media and simultaneously add comments directing readers back to Eco-Architecture and Permacultural Planning CIC

We can make a variety of arrangements to fit your goals, interest and educational situations. Best of all we are virtual.  No need to move to volunteer or intern for use. you can work for us from your dorm room, or from your dinning room, you can work from any locations around the global as long as you have good internet access and the discipline to work virtually.

We are always looking for contributors ( photographers, writers, videographers) and have a list of articles that we’d like written. Your contribution level can vary from one or two articles to 10-20 articles. If you have a great idea that you would like to develop feel free to pitch this to use.

We are also looking for interns, inters must commit to working a minimum of 20 hours per month for Eco-Architecture and Permacultural Planning CIC, and we prefer a part time or full time commitment of 40-80 hours a month you will learn heaps! for interns we require a 6 month time commitment. Interning for is is prefect for your college gap year, to gain valuable professional experience or to fulfill internship requirements for your area of study. We also welcome mature interns, those exploring different career paths and who want to gain experience or those who are retired.

Volunteers must commit the same amount of work as interns with one exception, what we call ” piece work. ” Piece work can mean committing to edit one or more articles a month, committing to writing one or more quizzes a month, committing to reading other articles on the internet for “X” number of hours each week and commenting on them and thus, directing readers back to Eco-Architecture and Permacultural Planning CIC . Those who commit to “piece work” are expected to volunteer for a minimum of one year since their work load is often light and specific.

General requirements:

  • a passion for the environment, permaculture, self build, planning, sustainable living, and conservation
  • communication skills
  • ability to work independently as part of a virtual team ( you are adept at Skype & email)
  • a basic understanding of permaculture, sustainability, planning, climate change

As part of  Eco-Architecture and Permacultural Planning CIC you will join a diverse team with passion for our vision. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact  Sophie Christopher- Bowes Coordinator:

Creating a Permaculture front garden – Transition Town Totnes Skills Share

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On Saturday 7th December 2013 slide and talk at Birdwood House High Street Totnes from 3pm-5pm.  How to turn your front garden in to a permaculture garden.

Sunday 8th December will be the hands on practical workshop. Building the raised beds in the front garden, and help with the planting of the organic, productive front garden.

This is part of the Totnes Town Totnes Skills Share donations will be welcomed.

Contact Sophie: 07842 573922